Facial Skin care- it matters ( combo skin)

Skin care can vary from person to person; some of us have dry , some of us have combination and some of us have oily skin. All that matters is that we take care of ourselves! We only get one body in this life and taking care of it should be a major priority. I will list some products good for the combo skin type ( not all of these will work for your given skin but I do hope to get you guys started in the right direction!). I truly believe that skin care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and if I can help in anyway I would love to!

Personally, I have combination skin, meaning my skin only gets oily in the T zone (the nose area and right above the nose on the forehead) The products that seem to work really well for me are the

1.) Mario Badesuc facial spray , I like the rosewater scent the most but the cucumber and green tea works just as well. This is something I use as a toner and as a facial spray whenever my skin is feeling dry. This spray is great for hydration and giving the skin a calming blast of rosewater.

2.) I use this nourishing Argan Oil which is great for making skins appearance brighter, making the the skin more supple and elastic, as well as helping with any texture. I take a couple drops of this, rub it between my hands and apply with a patting motion and leave it for 5 minutes to let it sink into the skin before I apply my lotions/creams. Believe me this product will do wonders for the skin.

3.) Eye cream is very important for the delicate eye area. Now this can be very specific due to individual needs. I am a 18 year old girl, so I can not provide recommendations for anything that helps with wrinkles or anything of that nature, but I can recommend some creams that I have tried and I like very much. Clinique All About Eyes, and Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream. These are both great for the delicate eye skin, they provide the perfect amount of hydration, have no smell and most importantly, these do not burn or make the eyes water.

4.) Neck and decollete cream is so extremely important and can not be left out! we do wrinkle in this area; trying to fight and prolong this as much as possible is essential in any skin care routine (my opinion). I have recently been using the Marion Badescu Vitamin A-D-E Neck cream and I love it! The cream has no scent which doesn’t matter to me, but I do like to add info that in. The cream is very thick, goes on smoothly and hydrates well while not being too greasy!

I hope this helped some of you who may be looking for some products geared towards your skin type.

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