Hello everyone! So after years of talking myself in and out of blogging, I’m here and ready to give it a shot. The idea of having my own little blog that is full of topics that I am passionate about is just thrilling. I hope to share many of the exciting, beautiful and fun times in my life. I love to share and be inspired by others and maybe I can do that for some of you!

To get to know me, my name is Kallista and I am a college student majoring in business. I may post about school life from time to time to help other college students or future college students, but not too often as this is my fun escape from it all! I am 5’2 ” and if I ever have any tips, i’ll be sure to share it with you all as I sure do understand and live with the short girl problems! I will share many beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle tips and anything along those lines.

This blog may be a little informal and very laid back since that is how I am as a person but guidance and feedback is always welcome here. So, please contact me if you’d like!

My email is

Thanks for taking your time to stop by and you are very much appreciated! Hope to see you come back!


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Hello my name is Kallista Matheney and this blog is about all things beauty, lifestyle and happiness. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out!

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