Top 5 perfumes you should give a shot

I am a perfume JUNKIE and I always have perfume with me and I am always trying out new ones. I’m the type of girl that is pretty obsessed with smelling good, since I have tried so many, I have to share my top 5!

#1 Dasisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy is my all time number one perfume and everyone who smells this, loves it! This has notes of floral with a vintage edge of violet and it is perfect for daytime (although I use this in the evening as well).

#2 Saint and Sinner by Kat Von D

Number 2 is a two in one because these two perfumes are amazing and they came out together! Saint has notes of and Vanilla, musk, and jasmine, making it a beautiful daytime scent. Sinner has notes Patchouli, Wood, and Cinnamon making it a sexy nighttime scent.

#3 Pure seduction from Victoria’s Secret

This is a great scent that is perfect for everyday use. With notes of fruity floral, fresh apple and saguaro flower, Aqua Kiss: Fresh, with rain-kissed freesia and daisy. This perfume has so much all in one, but the combination is delicious!

#4 Love story by Chloe

This perfume is honestly more of a splurge. So, if you are ever in the mood to splurge, go give this perfume a smell and see if you love it as much as I do! This perfume has notes of orange Blossom, jasmine, and Cedar wood.

#5 Dot by Marc Jacobs

This scent is a bit more grown up and sexy than its sister perfume Daisy. If you are looking for a perfume with notes of anything similar to red Berries, Dragon fruit, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Driftwood, or Musk, then give this perfume a shot! I know this has a lot of notes, but if you’re ever in the mall or local shops I recommend at least giving this a sniff because the combination of it all is to die for!

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