7 Study Tips To Help You Ace The Class

I’m finishing up my second year in college now and I have gotten pretty good at studying (if I do say so myself). I’ll be sharing some of my favorite study tips with you all in hopes that they will help you!

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead really helps with not procrastinating. So, write it all out!!! For example, if you have 10 assignments due this week, plan to do 2 each day and do the hardest assignments first. That way if you end up needing help, you have time to ask your instructor or go to tutoring.

2. Leave Lazy room for yourself

Sometimes when we have so much to do it becomes overwhelming. So, if we follow the first step with planning everything out, we can have days off in between. Personally, I leave the weekends open for myself!!

3. Tutoring

Many colleges offer free tutoring because it is included in your tuition!! Many public schools offer free tutoring as well! I know this may seem like a simple tip, but this helps me tremendously!! I seriously passed stats because of tutoring. Try it out if you are struggling.

4. Make flash cards

This may not be everyone’s learning style, but give it a shot and see if it helps you. I have aced many exams (including math) due to my flash cards!

5. DO NOT overwork yourself

If you procrastinate and leave too much of your work for one or two nights, you will be over worked! Then you will be burnt out for the next couple of days, which will then lead to doing the same thing. Break the cycle and pace yourself.

6. Snack and water breaks

I love when I give myself snack breaks because it is something to look forward to when studying. Drink lots of water gives me more bathroom breaks. I know that when I have a load of work in front of me and I allow myself to take a break, eat, drink, use the bathroom, I am less cranky and I can work for a longer period of time

7. Organize your space

 Organization is key to success (my opinion). I have all of my pens in one cup, pencils in another cup, chargers in and E.L.F makeup box and my textbooks in a stack under my bed. This is what works best for me in my space, you can do what I do or create your own system! Knowing where everything is when you go to do your school work makes life much easier.

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