How to clean makeup brushes- Quick and easy!

Hello everyone! If you are looking to learn how to clean your makeup brushes, a new way to clean your brushes or just curious to see how I clean mine this is the post for You!

I use EcoTools makeup brush shampoo because I am a creature of habit and I know this works! I picked this up at ULTA for $7.99, which is great in my book! This cleanser just pulls the gunk right out of the hairs and makes the process very quick for me!

I don’t use a silicone brush cleaner because honestly, I’ve just never gotten around to buying one. I usually put a dab of the cleanser onto the hairs, then I just rub the cleanser into the hairs and run it under some warm water!

Then I will take the time to shape any of my brushes that have specific shapes. For example, I have a Tarte all over face brush that is very square, but during a wash can become misshapen. So, I make sure to make it square again and keep it like new! After that, I lay all of my brushes out on a towel and leave them to dry over night!

That’s it! Quick and easy, just how I like it. I hope this helped you out or at least entertained you!! Have a blessed day!

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