Review: Nyx butter glosses

Hey Guys! Today I am reviewing NYX Butter Gloss! These are some of the best glosses around for the price! These are $4.99 here in the U.S and one tube can last me about two- three months of daily use. Other than the price being right, I love the quality of these glosses! The name Butter Gloss is no lie; these glosses feel so smooth on the lips. The only con I can find with these is that they do NOT last through eating or drinking. Now, these do not get clumpy on me like many other lip products do and these can last me a few hours! I recommend giving these a shot!

The best thing about them is they are so easy to apply. I just take out the wand, run it along my lips two or three times, and rub my lips together! That’s it and for me being a busy college student, quick, easy, comfortable and gorgeous is high priority!


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