5 moments in 2018 that I am looking forward to

GRADUATING with my A.A degree

and continuing on the get my B.A!

For the past two years I have been working on my associates degree and I will be graduating after summer term! I am super excited for this because college has been very hard for me and I will be half way done with my 4 year degree!! I already can’t wait to continue on to my bachelors degree!

ALL of the festivals!

AS of right now there a so many Festivals going on near where I live and I love it! I have already been to the Renaissance Festival and this Saturday me and my grandmother are going to a Yoga Fest at the center that she is getting her certification from! I am so excited!!!

My family reunion

Every year my family has one to two family reunions the main one is always at the beach! I love love love my family reunions because they always make me realize how lucky I am to have a family that genuinely enjoys being around each other and parties like we do! We spend almost all morning, day, and night together each day of the reunion, we literally even eat all of our meals by the pool together and we have SO much fun! What makes the main family reunion even better is that it is always planned right at the end of the school year when summer starts! I CAN NOT WAIT!


Travel has two differnt meanings. ONE being Miami. I always enjoy my travels to Miami and I go on average once every other month! I always pray for a happy and safe trip. TWO being more of a bucket list item for my family and I. We really want to go on a cruise or something a long those lines this year. Right now we are in the process of some great big changes, but once we are all settled, I think we will make some plans! I think it will be somewhere with a beautiful beach and I LOOOOVE the beach!

Attending the parks more

I live in Tampa Florida, which is centrally located to almost all of the theme parks here in Florida! Seriously, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island are like 25 minutes away and Orlando is only 1 hour away! I have passes to four of the parks, so once my family and I get through our relocating we will be hitting up these parks!


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Hello my name is Kallista Matheney and this blog is about all things beauty, lifestyle and happiness. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out!

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