Review: Veil mineral primer by Hourglass cosmetics

Hey everyone! I though this would be a great post for those of you looking for a new high end primer! I know sometimes I am looking for something high end that ACTUALLY works, so here is a review of what is my opinion is a very under rated primer! I will be breaking this down into two parts because I feel as though that is the easiest way to read a review. ONE being my overall thoughts on performance, price and things like such and TWO the texture.


The Veil Mineral Primer was a gift to me at one point and I absolutely fell in love with it! This primer keeps my makeup on all day and I DO NOT get hardly any oil in my T zone. The primer I was using before this one had me powdering my nose by the end of a two hour class and I normally do not even have oils like that! So, if you are in the same boat, this primer will be an amazing change. This is my go to primer and that says a lot because I am one to almost NEVER stick to a product because I love trying out new ones! The best part about this product is a tiny amount can cover my face and I have a large face. This lasts me months, so the price is spread out a good amount!


I love the texture of this primer because it is the smoothest I have ever felt. Some primers that I have tried in the past are very thick and I do not prefer that because I feel like I have to tug on my skin to get them rubbed in. This primer has a very silky feeling and I can gently pat or massage this into my skin!

There you go guys! This is my review on the Veil Mineral Primer! I hope you all enjoyed!



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