What’s good right now

Sometimes as humans we can start to feel stressed, down or get in a slump. This can happen after we have bad days, bad weeks, bad months and today I thought it would be great to come on here and talk about all that is going right!

My relationship is going great!

Me and my honey are not arguing, we’re happy together and the passion is still going strong! I love him very much and things couldn’t be better between us!

My family

My family is very close and we’ve been getting together quite a bit recently!

I have found some new shows to watch.

I usually don’t have time to watch T.V., but when I do I have been watching Adventure Time and Frankie and Grace! Both shows are soo funny to me and I have found myself laughing more often!

The semester is almost over!!

5 more weeks and the spring term will be over!!! I am so excited because I am hopefully finishing up this summer and graduating with my first degree!

My plants are doing so well!

I have only a few plants and I have been working hard on pruning them and giving them the proper nourishment! I love my little plants and I am happy to see them doing so well! I post many pictures of my rose bush on my blog and This post has a picture of my bonsai tree that I love so much!


I have recently rescued three baby bunnies and i’ll be making a post about them soon. These little babies are something that really brighten up my day, especially when it’s a long hard day! I love them so much and they are getting to be so curious.

These are some of the positive things going on in my life right now and I thought I would share them with you all because I like to bring positivity and light. Maybe you have similar things going on that you can turn into a positive as well! I hope I inspired you to try and look at all of the good around You! Say it with me! “It’s a beautiful day to be alive and I love my life!”

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