Top lip product to keep lips soft and supple

Lip exfoliant

it is important to exfoliate your lips so that you can get off any dry, old skin that you may acquire on your lips. Believe it or not, you should do this at least once every week or two! I use THIS one from E.L.F because it is very affordable and works pretty great!


I would reccommend a gloss for every day use because they are more hydrating than a liquid lip or other forms of lip product! I would reccommend THIS lip gloss from NYX because it is one of my ride or die products that I use every day and have no problems!

Lip treatment

If it is winter time and your lips need some serious replenishing, you’ve been wearing too many liquid lips, OR you just feel like your lips need some good old TLC then I would reccomend putting on something to help heal them up! Aquaphor is great for some fast lip healing and hydration when you need it! What’s great is you can wear this under your lipgloss!


I know it can seem a little silly to sit around with s lip mask on for 5-15 minutes, but they really can help your lips look brand new! THIS one smells quite nice and really helps my lips look super supple after one night of use!!


Now, this is something I have recently added into my skincare routine and I have noticed a nice difference! THIS is the serum I have recently been using and after I have done all of my facial skin care, I take a drop or two and dab it all over my lips and let it soak up into the skin for a few minutes.

I hope you guys enjoyed my LIP Tips ! Have a great rest of your day! Let me know if you try any of these or they are already pat of you routine!

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