5 ways to fight aging

Today I decided to write a post on how to fight aging! I know that I am a young woman, but these tips and tricks can help with preventative care. These tips have been preached to me by the beauty community and close relatives for many years now! I truly do believe in preventative care! Let’s get started because this is an exciting post!!

1) pat the product into your skin

Estheticians, beauty gurus, female elders, they have all emphasized the importance of patting, not rubbing! Rubbing the lotions into your skin pulls on the skin and can lead to wrinkling! No, this is not the only factor that plays into wrinkling, but It DOES play a role in your skins aging process!

2) Do not tug onto skin in any way!

This kind of goes along with number one. What I mean here is do not touch the face or hold your hand on your chin and move around, don’t pull your eye skin when putting on your eyeliner or rub your eyes when you’re tired, the eye area is the most delicate area on the face!

3) Lotions and Creams!

Lotions and creams help add that moisture back into your skin that could have been lost thorough cold or dry weather, cleansing, etc.

4) excoriating

It is good to exfoliate your face because old skin cells can build up on you skin. This will cause your skin to look dull and lackluster. Not only will your skin look drab , but old skin cells building up can cause acne due to clogging your pores! Get that old skin off of your face! I exfoliate about twice a week and I would recommend doing so once or twice a week as well.

5) Know your skin type and sensitivities and find products geared toward it

Knowing your skin type is extremely important because this is how you find products to give you the skin results you want! If you buy products that are not made for your skin type, then you can actually harm your skin! Make sure you read into what you are buying!

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