Saving you dollas pt 2!!


I had fun making the first saving you dollas post and I found another affordable item I thought would be super fun to share! This one actually matches the first item I wrote about, which was a speaker, but they come in other colors too!

These headphones are my newest find! The rose gold color are on sale for $20.98 and they work with both android and iphone! These are a great price for bluetooth headphones in my opinion! These jeadphones are actually great for exercising because they are sweat proof AND they have a clip in the back so that they do not fall off of your shirt if one does happen to slip out of you ear! My favorite part of the whole design is that the two ear buds are magnetic, meaning you can wear the headphones around your neck without them flying around OR (I do this a lot) you can hang them on your rear view mirror when driving!

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