April goals

I really enjoy reading goal posts because I find a lot of inspiration and great ideas in them! I also have never been one to make monthly goals like this, I usually do it week by week. I think I really like setting goals for the month as a whole and then looking back to see how far I’ve come! It pushes me to do better!

1.) Get ahead in my school work

This is forever a goal of mine! while I am ahead in some courses, I am just on schedule for others. I like to be wayyy ahead, that way if I don’t feel like working on school on a certain day, I’m good.

2.) Raise my bunnies healthy

I have three little babies and I love them so much! My big focus with them is to get them even more used to me and used to being picked up. Also, no diarrhea because that can be life threatening for little baby buns.😘

3.) Get a gym routine back

Here recently my life has been soooo full of stress and instead of taking that stress to the gym and letting it out, I just don’t go. I only have college 3 days a week and my weekends are ALWAYS full of family errands as well as personal stuff. I can’t wait for this all to settle down because I am truly exhausted.

4.) Learn more about the blogging community

I am fairly new to blogging and I still don’t know much at all! I am trying to learn as much as possible, but I don’t know where to begin sometimes!

5.) Blog interact

I really am trying to read and comment on other blogs since one reason I came on here was to meet people and connect.

6.) Continue to schedule posts

This is something that was extremely hard for me in the very beginning of my blogging. When I write something I get super excited and want it to go live right away, but recently I have started scheduling posts and it takes a lot of stress off of my back. I really do want to continue scheduling posts; it is the most efficient thing to do.

7.) Plan!!!

Here recently using my planner and planning out my days has been very hard for me. I think the stress is getting me in weird ways. When I was in high school and my first year of college I used my planner religiously and it was an instrumental Piece of My Success. I don’t know what’s going on and why I’m not using it now, but I need to get back on it.

These are my goals for April! What are your goals this month?



16 thoughts on “April goals

  1. Love your April goals! Mine are quite similar too, I’m also trying to start getting back into working out (I haven’t worked out in a month cuz of a surgery and it’s hard getting back into it). I have the same blogging goals too! I’m also a new blogger, just started a couple weeks ago! We can learn together!


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  2. These are great goals, I’ve just recently got back into my gym routine, and I noticed myself making excuses on purpose just to avoid it! So bad, but now I’m holding myself accountable. Good luck girl!

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