Get ready with me


Hey everyone! I am going to a wedding today, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a get ready with me! One thing I always do is start with my eye makeup that way if any shadow falls onto the face, I do not mess up my whole face of makeup. I recommend trying this if you do not already!

I started by applying my concealer as an eye primer and then setting it with a skin colored powder. Any concealer or powder will work, I used my Fit Me concealer and my Fit Me powder

Then I went in with the lightest mauve-y color from my Oh- so -loved Carli Bybel palette.

I took this shade and put it lightly all over my eye lid and took it up to about my brow bone

Then I went in with the second darkest purple shade and mixed it with the matte brown. I took these colors and lightly blended them into my crease. REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS STEP! Really guys, make sure your shadow is blended the way you want it to be before moving on, or else it will look really sloppy later on in the look.

Next I went in with just the brown and put that in the outer V of my eye and lightly blended it so that it didn’t look too harsh

Then I took the golden shimmer shade on a wet brush and packed it on my lid, making sure to not cover the outer V that we just blended in the previous step.

After that I usually go in with my eyebrow powder. I do this step next because I like to have my eyebrows done to help guide me on how I do my liner and how far out I take it! I am big on natural brows just because my eyebrows are pretty full and they just look better on my face.

After brows I used my fav mascara and my fav liner real quick and I decided to go without lashes because I was rushing and I also think the look came out good without them!
Then, since this was an outdoor wedding, I went in with my r.o.d Hourglass Veil Mineral primer and my Matte BB Cream. This CoverGirl BB cream is great because it’s matte (great for outside days) and the coverage is thick for a BB cream!

Then of course I concealed my under eyes with my Fit Me concealer in the shade sand and I used my Fit ME powder to bake. TIP: if you do not have a loose powder to bake your under eye, just rub a plastic lid or the end of your brush on the powder and it will turn the top layer to loose powder!

Then I used my IBY Beauty palette to contour! I mixed contour one and Highlight shade 3, then I cut the contour with some yellow powder!

Then I used my ULTA brand blush highight duo because it gives a very nice peachy glow

The highlight I used was the second highlight shade in the Carli Bybel palette, which I’ve have hit pan on!

I used this lip liner

And this lip in the shade peaches and cream to top off the look!

Finally, my last step is setting the face with Mac Fix+! Any setting spray will do, I used this because it sets my makeup for all day!

2 thoughts on “Get ready with me

    • Thank you so much! I do really random combos and hope for the best! Sometimes the looks come out great and sometimes I wouldn’t dare leave the house 😂

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