My pallet collection| Do you need these?

Hello everyone! I recently did a lip product collection and mentioned that I wanted to start doing posts like this for different parts of my collection, so that’s what were doing today!

Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette is one of the best eye shadow palettes that I have ever used! The palette has any color you could wish for! Perfect crease/ transition shade, highlight shades, mattes of all colors and shimmers that have hardly any fall out! I love this palette because not only are the colors beautiful, but they are highly pigmented and the blendability is out of this world! Each shadow was pressed individually, meaning they perform the best they possibly can. Some eye shadows, such as shimmers, have to be pressed more than mattes to diminish the fall out!


This is a palette that I received in a BoxyCharm box once upon a time and I haven’t used it all that much. I remember that when I fist got it I made quite a few looks with this. I think this is a great palette for travel!

Carli Bybel Palette

This is the original palette that Carli Bybel came out with before the deluxe that is now sold.  I still have this one and it is probably one of my most used palettes ever!


I have used this palette quite a bit and it is nice for a natural makeup day. The shadows aren’t insanely pigmented, but they blend beautifully!

This was a random mini palette that was free with purchase, I have hardly used this one, but I do like the shimmers.

ULTA Powder Contour Palette

This was my first contour palette and it has been very well loved as you can see! The contour shades blend beautifully and I use the darker shades for eye shadow!

IBY Beauty Highlight & Contour Palette

I LOVE this palette so much! I even went through a stage where I was using the highlight shades to set my under eye and that worked beautifully. I HIGHLY recommend this palette!

 what’s your R.O.D palette?




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