19 things I am grateful for

Today, May 19th, is my birthday (Yay!) and I will be writing about 19 things that I am grateful for, as I turn 19 years old today!

1) My life

I am grateful for my wonderful life. I have been through a lot in my 19 years, but I am happy and love my life!

2) My dad

My dad has done so much for me in My life. My father has shown me what a good father is, he’s always supported me, he’s pushed me to do better, he has always been there for me and he’s amazing! He’s the best in the world!!

3) My mom

I love my mother, she brought me into this world. We have such a great time when we are together and she has always given me the best she could give! I love her so much!

4) The Soldiers

I am extremely grateful for the United States veterans who give up and sacrifice so much so that I can be free! I have freedom of speech, religion, and so much more. I truly value this. If you are a United States veteran, thank you. We wouldn’t have this freedom without you.

5) My boo, Juan-Andres

We are long distance and yes, this is so hard, but I am so thankful to have you as my best friend. We fight for what we have, we laugh, we are in love. I thank you for loving me everyday and always being there for me.

6) My education

I am so so grateful for my education because it gives me the stepping stone I need to get a great job in the future.

7) My grandpa

I love my grandpa so much! He was a U.S. marine, so that makes him even better! I’m only kidding!.. kind of. haha anyways, I love listening to his stories and I love how much he cares for all of his children and grand children. My grandpa rocks!

8) Clean water

This is something so many of us take for granted!! I have lived in a situation where sand came up through the pipes and the sulfur was so bad that it turned stuff orange. No joke, was horrible and I am so happy to have the luxury of clean water.

9) My family relationship

I have only recently realized how lucky I am to have the faimiy I do! We love each other and we are so close! We never have a dull moment and their is never judgement!

10) My brother

My brother is 6 years younger than I am! I love my little brother so much and I only want the best for him!

11) My grandmother

My grandmother is one of the only people I know to only ever have something nice to say. She is always smiling, and never EVER talks down on others. She cares, she loves and she is the sweetest in the world. Even to those who don’t deserve her kindness.

12) My bunnies

I have had my three bunnies for 2 months now and they honestly give me so much joy. They think I am the mama, they give me little bunny kisses, and they love to eat! They are just the cutest little things ever.

13) My office area

I have never had a set space to do my work like I do now. I am so so happy to have this. I can not express how much easier it is to do my school work when I have a set are to do it! Also, it is a great space to get most of my blogging in!

14) My plants

I love my plants. They bloom such pretty flowers and I love them all so much. Call me crazy, but I think the love helps them grow so beautifully.


15) My car

I haven’t always had a car and I had to really save up to get one, but I am so grateful for my little car! It has no problems and $20 will fill her up (amazing)!

16) Our new house!

My family have been going through a lot this past 3 months and part of that was us finding and purchasing a home! We actually move tomorrow and I’m so excited and grateful for our new space!

17) Being a Floridian

I love Florida and I LOVE being from Florida. Within the past few years way too many people have moved here and traffic is nothing short of ridiculous, but I love this state and I love that this is where I am from! My home is beautiful and I love the heat!

18) Sunglasses

Say what you want, I know this is kind of silly, but I have extremely sensitive eyes. When If I were to even try to drive, walk or do anything on a normal sunny day, my eyes would literally hurt like bruises and water profusely. Sunglasses are a gift from God for people like me.

19) Love

Love is the most powerful feeling we can feel and it makes life worth living! Without Love or passion, what is there? God’s love, family’s love, friend’s love, romantic love! I love it all ❤

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