Summer bucket list

Here in Florida, it feels like summer started months ago with this 90 degree weather. Personally, I always feel more excited once it is actually summer because classes are out (I do take summer courses, but far less than in fall and spring term)!


Something that I love doing is making bucket lists, so here is my summer list!

  1. Buy some bright, fun lip lip gloss/ stick

  2. Spend more time at the theme parks

  3. Have a barbecue with family and friends

  4. Go to the Ice Cream Museum

  5. Get an Airbnb in the Florida keys for a few nights!

  6. Make s’mores

  7. Get a tan!

  8. Build my bunnies a new cage

  9. Enjoy myself

  10. Be kind to others


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Hello my name is Kallista Matheney and this blog is about all things beauty, lifestyle and happiness. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out!

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