The best shower products for soft beautiful skin



These products are some of my favorite things to keep my skin soft and healthy! if your’e looking to upgrade your shower routine or some new products, then here you are!

Bath beads or epsom salt,

At the moment I have bath beads. I love things like epsom salt and bath beads because in a warm bath, the skin soaks up all of the yummy ingredients that help make the skin softer.

Exfoliant scrub

I love a nice scrub in the shower because it really helps get the dead skin off of the body. Getting dead skin off of the body not only keeps the skin soft, but also helps to prevent the pores from getting clogged.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs of any kind are always a fun treat! These are similar to bath beads and some are actually made to help moisturize the skin, calm, energize, etc. I particularly like bath bombs because they can smell so lovely and the ones from Lush Fizz up and color the tub (pretty fun!).


This is a final step technically for after you shower (unless you have the in shower lotion), but I still consider this part of the shower routine because I always apply it right after my shower. I believe lotion plays a vital role in keeping the skin moisturized and helps prevent premature aging.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and have a great rest of your evening!

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