My boyfriend on what makeup is

I was browsing around, looking for some blog post ideas and came across this one from Barely there beauty, so credit goes to her and you can find her post here.

I am a big ol’ makeup lover, I wear makeup pretty much everyday and I thought this blog post was very fitting. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting or how much I figured he knew about makeup, buuuut you guys will love it!


“The thing you put on your face before you put on anything else.” Yes! Good job hun, we’re off to a good start!


“See that’s where it gets confusing for me. Foundation to me, is what you put on before anything else, but that’s primer… So, is that what you put on your face after primer?” UHH, yes..


“The shit you put on your face to conceal shit.” I mean, you’re not wrong…


“Powder is like the stuff that ummm…. is powderrr?… I don’t know what it’s used for.” LOL this one is okay because I use powder all over my face, for many different reasons. I’LL LET THIS ONE SLIDE!!


“The stuff that makes you shine.” uhhh noo bb. Actually, where did you get that from!


“Contour is the shadow thing.” I always tell him that the point of contouring is to create shadows on the face soo, he’s good!


“That’s actually the shit that makes you shine!” LOLOL YES.


“Makes you have rosy cheeks.” AWWW!! YES.


“Powder you put on your eyebrows, I don’t know wtf it’s for though!” bb you have a potty mouth!


“I know what it looks like, but I don’t know how to put that into words..wait maybe i’m confusing it with mascara?” *me explaining eyeshadow is the colorful stuff I put on my eyelids* “OHH I was getting it confused with the black line shit, but THAT’S mascara” ME: WAIT WHAT??? That’s not mascara!


“The black lines? You know.. I don’t know what to tell you because honestly, I thought this was the black lines!! What is mascara!?” That’s the black stuff I put on my eyelashes!


*mumbles* “The black lines that go on your eyes.” LOL GOOD JOB


“The stuff that you put around your lips to put your gloss on. It’s like the setup?” Yes.


“That’s the stuff you put on your lips after the lip liner YESS! You my dear, are correct.


Oh! Is that the spray that you put on your makeup to make sure it stays on?LOL YEUSS

This has to have been one of the most fun blog posts to write so far as it made me laugh so much. I recommend you to try this with your boo, a boy best friend, or anyone who doesn’t do makeup often and try not laughing!

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