My Purse Essentials!

  I am a girls that is crazy about bags! I absolutely love collecting purses and they are all like my children. I do not use one purse more than another and I don’t usually use one bag for more than a day at a time. My biggest rule is to ALWAYS clean out my purse at the end of the night and make sure all paper, products, ANYTHING is out of my bag. I do this so that I can keep my purses pristine for a long time.

Firstly I always have some makeup in my purse because I always want to look my best when out and about. The main pieces I have are Lipgloss, because I can’t stand to have my lips dry, my pressed powder, and my fave little brush for applying the powder. The powder and brush are a big MUST HAVE because here in Florida, it’s pretty much a sauna 60-80% of the time and I need to touch up *especially when I get those sunglass marks on my nose*.  My go to lippy is the NYX butter gloss, I’ve been using the shade tiramisu a lot; it’s a really pretty nude shade.

My lotion of choice which right now, is this new mini from Bath And Body Works. I really like how small this is for on the go. I always need a cream in my bag because my hands get so dry!

Debuting next is my nail oil pen. I like to grow my natural nails, so I keep these nail oil pens on me at all times. I apply the oil on my cuticles, on the sides and under my nails three times a day and it makes all the difference in the world with how beautifully my nails grow!

Finally, my phone charger. I love to have this in my bag because I use my phone for so many different things and I am always talking on it as I am in a long distance relationship. I also jot down any quick notes or ideas I get about anything life related.

What are your purse essentials?

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