Best shoes at the moment

I am a pretty big shoe lover, not as much as I am of a purse lover but still, a big shoe lover. I do try to control myself because I know that I sometimes have a tendency to find shoes, think they are ‘to die for’ or “I have to have them!”, wear them one time and then regret my decisions. This won’t be happening with my new loves!

I have mentioned that I take many trips to Miami and these shoes were the outcome of one of those trips! I picked these up from my favorite store to visit when down there, which is BLOOMINGDALE’S and they are by the brand Sam Edelman!! I tend to really like the loafer style for going out and/or daily comfort. Plus, I love that these ones are SO fancy!! These shoes are legit SO comfy, which is only more reason for them to be my new favorite shoes.

I wear lots of floral attire and I think that may be why these shoes tip me over the edge! I believe that I always seem to gravitate towards the flower prints because honestly, I never realize I am picking up so many things with flowers on them… until I have a look in my closet and think “wow common theme…”

Anyways, I wore these to a family party and everyone loved them so much! Everyone thought they were “Fancy shoes” because they look so expensive, but *whisper screams* I got these on sale for under $60! How great did Bloomingdale’s do me? AH I love that place so much!

Do you own any Sam Edelman shoes?


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