I have finally used up enough products to make an empties post and I am so excited about it. Empties is a time where I can reflect on previous purchases, think about if they were worth it and share my opinions! These are some of my favorite posts to write so lets get started!

OLAY Oil minimizing Clean I purchased this not really paying much attention to the ingredients and I regretted that! This has alchohol in it, which I try to never put on my face due to how drying it is.

Repurchasing? Probably not..

Phyto Cleansing Care Cream This was a nice go to when I wanted my hair to be softer!

Repurchasing? If I come across it in the store.

Veil mineral Primer This is my ride or die primer!

Repurchasing? Oh yeahhh


NightWear PlusArgan Wear Ulta-Nourishing Argan Oil

This is my favorite face oil! I love how plump my skin is when I use this!

Repurchasing? Already have.

E.L.F Eye cream I always enjoy the elf eye cream because of how affordable it is! I do not suffer from crows feet or fine lines yet so, I am not always too picky with my eye creams (like when I need to save some money) and this is a great cream for some added moisture.

Repurchasing? Yes.

PM Corrector with blackcurrent and licorice

I always woke up with plump skin when using this, but I had to be careful when applying! Too much cream applied to the face will cause the product to build up and start peeling (almost like dead skin?) really weird and the only con I found when using this.

Repurchasing? Maybe one day.


Aloe moisturizer SPF 15 This is by one of my favorite brands and I did really enjoy this moisturizer. Mainly because it had spf in it. I always used another lotion and then put this on top for the sun protection

Repurchasing? Maybe.



Baby skin Instant Pore Eraser primer

This one is a bit funny because I literally cut this product open! I had gotten so busy that I kept putting off buying a new primer, even though I KNEW that I needed one! So, this was the result of my desperate times.

Repurchasing? Maybe.

Ulta Cotton Balls 200 pack

Not much to say about cotton balls! I use these specific ones from ULTA because I get ULTA points.

Repurchasing? Of course! I want those ULTA points!



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Hello my name is Kallista Matheney and this blog is about all things beauty, lifestyle and happiness. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out!

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