Self declared insomniac?

All of my life I have had some issue with falling asleep. I remember as a small child my bed time was very early because it would literally take me HOURS to fall as sleep. Not much has changed!

I don’t know what it is, but I do know my mother has a similar issue. Since I have such a hard time with falling asleep I thought I would share some tips for how I get to sleep.

Background noise- for me, if I lay in silence, my mind will race and I’ll never be able to relax. Sometimes I use peaceful music, other times I put on reruns of one of my favorite shows. I make sure they are reruns so that I dont get caught up trying to pay too much attention (something that will keep me awake).

Melatonin- now, I’m not trying to push any kind of pill taking or anything like that. This is just a tip you may or may not take it if you chose to. Melatonin is something your your body naturally makes, and these tablets help you relax. They dont force you to sleep, but simply relax you enough to get to sleep.

Chamomile Tea- The ingredients in chamomile tea have calming agents to help you get relaxed and fall asleep.

These are three of my main tips for getting to sleep the natural way, I hope this helps those of you who have trouble sleeping and if you have a different tip be sure to leave it in the comments! I’m always looking for new ones.

Are you a self declared insomniac?

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