Makeup Eraser?!


So recently I was sent a sample of the makeup eraser. If you don’t know what the makeup eraser is, then let me tell ya. The Makeup Eraser is basically a reusable cloth used to take your makeup off. One side of the towel is for the actual removal of the makeup and the other side is to exfoliate your skin.

  1. The instructions simply state to wet the towel with warm water
  2. Gently Erase your makeup
  3. Flip towel and exfoliate

I’ll be honest here and say that I went into this expecting the product not to work at all. I have tried to take my makeup off with a towel before and it just didn’t go well. Normal towels seem to actually smudge my makeup around and hardly pick up anything without aggressively wiping ( which you should never do!).

So, I was in my bathroom thinking about how this isn’t going to work, wetting the towel with warm water as the instruction stated and then began to wipe my cheek. My eyes bulged open when I saw that the Make Eraser actually cut through my makeup an FULLY removed it. I then thought “Oh okay, lets try the eye makeup.” because we all know, that’s the hardest to remove. I started wiping my eyes and this removed that too! I didn’t press too hard at all. This towel actually worked!

I will say that I am not sure how well the exfoliating side works. I am used to chemical exfoliating products; ones that I can see the dead skin peel off. The exfoliating side of the towel is pretty soft and my overall thoughts on that part are undecided because I really couldn’t tell.

Even if I couldn’t immediately tell if the exfoliating side of the towel worked, I will be purchasing the full sized towel. All I had to do was wet this with warm water and it took my makeup off! This is completely worth my money at $20 because it is reusable! This product will last you up to 5 years! Imagine how much money you could save yourself by just reusing this towel (washing it of course)! If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy having to repurchase your makeup wipes, this is the product for you!

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser??

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