Hey everyone! My name is Kallista and I’m a 19-year-old beauty & lifestyle blogger living in sunny Florida. Welcome to my blog!  I’m currently an undergrad Business major in college, who loves spending her free time playing with makeup, dressing up and playing around with all things girly.

My dream is to travel the world and share my adventures along the way! I love learning about fashion, food, and culture, which will all be featured on my blog whenever the chances occure.

My blog

I started my blog because I felt as though I had no outlet to share my love for beauty! I love all things beauty and I could yap on for days about it. Although I have a passion, I do also post on topics such as school, outfits, money saving tips, etc, Which is why I also classify myself as a lifestyle blogger.

This blog is a place you can come for a good read and retire yourself from the “real world” for a while.