Rimmel London Edge Your Look

Who doesn’t love new lipstick?!? I certainly do…Recently I received the new Rimmel London Matte lipstick in the shade “Plum This Show” and the satin finish in the shade “For Sure “.

Rimmel London edge Your Look

I want to begin by saying that BOTH formulas are easy to apply, last a long time and are wonderfully pigmented.


The satin- shade: For Sure

Rimmmel London’s “stay satin” formula has a somewhat shiny finish and I really like that because I typically prefer a glossy lip. I love this shade as it is a beautiful purple and it lasts for hours on the lips! The only con I could find with this lipstick is that it was not transfer proof. However, you can easily apply a thin layer without worry of the product becoming chunky or balling up *that doesn’t happen*YAY*

very much transferable

The Matte- shade: Plum This Show

The first thing I noticed was that the lipstick dried down quickly while not being overly drying on the lips. I usually don’t prefer matte lipsticks because they can cause my lips to feel like the Sahara Dessert, but this formula was nothing like that! My favorite part of the “stay matte” formula is that they are transfer proof! So, if you are eating, drinking, or kissing your spouse, your’e in the clear!

I highly recommend both of these formulas!

What is your preferred lipstick finish?


Am I the only one who is shocked that there are only two more months of 2018?? Crazyyy. This year has gone so fast, but I am so excited about the upcoming holidays! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and I have already indulged is so many pumpkin spice treats  (Yikes, I need to slow it down).

I am most excited for October because I watch the 31 days of Halloween, which is movies like Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Corpse Bride (My favs!). I actually already started watching the Halloween movies because I just couldn’t wait, I am Fall READY.  My favorite parts of October is he weather beginning to change, seasonal movies, and all of the delicious pumpkin spice!

I hope you all have a wonderful October and enjoy all of the goodies this time of year has to offer!

10 Reasons Fall Is My Favorite

It’s finally fall!!! This is my favorite season of all and I am so excited for it!

10 Reasons Fall is My Favorite

  1.  Fall means all of the Holidays are coming up! Halloween, Thanksgiving (for Americans), Christmas and New Years!
  2. Pumpkin Spice! The yummiest flavor for Oreos, cinnamon buns, donuts, etc!
  3. The weather is changing
  4. Seasonal movies! I just love watching Halloween and Christmas movies.
  5. Pumpkin PIE- The best
  6. Haunted houses with friends
  7. Decorating- so fun and cute
  8. Pumpkin Patches and Hay rides
  9. All of the cute outfits- Fall is the best because it’s not too hot and not too cold
  10. Bonfires!

What’s your favorite season??

The New Clarisonic Mia Smart!

For those of you who don’t know, Clarisonic debuted a new gadget called the Mia Smart. This device is very high tech- syncs with your phone via bluetooth so that you can track how often you cleanse & even allow you to check out before-and-after photos in the Clarisonic app.

I got mine about a month ago and I have been loving it! have sensitive skin land this all new device has a setting that will start the Clarisonic at about 80% of the power and slowly increases over the next two weeks in order for your skin to slowly adapt to the device! *Perfect*.

I love how deep of a clean this device gets and my skin always feels so SMOOTH after I use it! Basically if you are on the fence about getting your Clarisonic, I say go for it! All of the brush heads fit on the base and it is the perfect size for travel as well as everyday use.

Have you ever tried any Clarisonic products???

Makeup Eraser?!


So recently I was sent a sample of the makeup eraser. If you don’t know what the makeup eraser is, then let me tell ya. The Makeup Eraser is basically a reusable cloth used to take your makeup off. One side of the towel is for the actual removal of the makeup and the other side is to exfoliate your skin.

  1. The instructions simply state to wet the towel with warm water
  2. Gently Erase your makeup
  3. Flip towel and exfoliate

I’ll be honest here and say that I went into this expecting the product not to work at all. I have tried to take my makeup off with a towel before and it just didn’t go well. Normal towels seem to actually smudge my makeup around and hardly pick up anything without aggressively wiping ( which you should never do!).

So, I was in my bathroom thinking about how this isn’t going to work, wetting the towel with warm water as the instruction stated and then began to wipe my cheek. My eyes bulged open when I saw that the Make Eraser actually cut through my makeup an FULLY removed it. I then thought “Oh okay, lets try the eye makeup.” because we all know, that’s the hardest to remove. I started wiping my eyes and this removed that too! I didn’t press too hard at all. This towel actually worked!

I will say that I am not sure how well the exfoliating side works. I am used to chemical exfoliating products; ones that I can see the dead skin peel off. The exfoliating side of the towel is pretty soft and my overall thoughts on that part are undecided because I really couldn’t tell.

Even if I couldn’t immediately tell if the exfoliating side of the towel worked, I will be purchasing the full sized towel. All I had to do was wet this with warm water and it took my makeup off! This is completely worth my money at $20 because it is reusable! This product will last you up to 5 years! Imagine how much money you could save yourself by just reusing this towel (washing it of course)! If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy having to repurchase your makeup wipes, this is the product for you!

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser??

Self declared insomniac?

All of my life I have had some issue with falling asleep. I remember as a small child my bed time was very early because it would literally take me HOURS to fall as sleep. Not much has changed!

I don’t know what it is, but I do know my mother has a similar issue. Since I have such a hard time with falling asleep I thought I would share some tips for how I get to sleep.

Background noise- for me, if I lay in silence, my mind will race and I’ll never be able to relax. Sometimes I use peaceful music, other times I put on reruns of one of my favorite shows. I make sure they are reruns so that I dont get caught up trying to pay too much attention (something that will keep me awake).

Melatonin- now, I’m not trying to push any kind of pill taking or anything like that. This is just a tip you may or may not take it if you chose to. Melatonin is something your your body naturally makes, and these tablets help you relax. They dont force you to sleep, but simply relax you enough to get to sleep.

Chamomile Tea- The ingredients in chamomile tea have calming agents to help you get relaxed and fall asleep.

These are three of my main tips for getting to sleep the natural way, I hope this helps those of you who have trouble sleeping and if you have a different tip be sure to leave it in the comments! I’m always looking for new ones.

Are you a self declared insomniac?

Mini Lush Haul

I have only tried one Lush Product before and it was a Christmas themed bath bomb. So, I am really excited for these new goodies! One thing I thought was so neat about Lush, is they put a sticker on every product, telling you who made it and the sticker looks like the person! I think it is great how Lush gives recognition to their employees!

Plum Rain Shower Gel

The notes on this product are plum juice with Sicilian Mandarin Oil and it is supposed to be energizing! This just sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Karma Kream Hand and Body Lotion

I will mainly use this as a hand cream because they get SO dry and I have to constantly be moisturizing them. This cream is really exciting for me because it is my first one from Lush AND Lush uses natural ingredients. Who knows. maybe it’ll help me with my hands being so dry.

Whoosh Shower Jelly

I have heard so many great things about the Lush Shower Jelly and now I can finally try it out! It smells so fresh and I can’t wait to crack into it!

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Not only do my hands get dry, but I also have a problem with caluses starting to build up on my hands from going to the gym, So I will be using this tonight!

Lemon Butter Cuticle Butter

You guys know I use my nail oil pens everyday to keep my nails nice and moisturized. So, this product is right up my ally! I am really into hair, skin and nail care. I actually put this on just a few minutes ago (couldn’t wait!) and I LOVE IT! The smell is lemony fresh and the product really sinks into my skin instead of sitting on top of it like so many oils do (yay!).

What’s your fav Lush product??

19 Things I have learned Since Becoming An Adult

Lately I have seen so many posts on some number of things a person has learned since becoming an adult and they got me inspired to do my own! Basically I turned 19 in May, I have been an adult for over a year now! Now, lets get to reflecting…

19 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming An Adult

  1. Having money saved is SO important and needs to be started ASAP. I have always been aware of this fact, but the older you get the more it becomes an essential. Just a few months ago the air in my car broke AND I LIVE IN ONE OF THE HOTTEST, MUGGIEST PLACES IN THE U.S ( AKA Florida)! Having money saved for situations like that saves SO much stress
  2. Friends really do come and go. As a college student, I have about 16 weeks in a class before I am in a new one, filled with different people. This means I may meet people I enjoy, study with them, and never see them again after we takes our exams.
  3. No one is a super human. I am very much a perfectionist (hate to admit that) and I really push myself in all aspects of my life. Usually pushing myself is great, but it puts me in a state of disarray, anger and sadness when I fail or cannot handle as much as I’d like to.
  4. Grad school is a great idea. I have always pondered the thought of grad school, but never really made the decision as it seemed so far away. Now I am heavily considering attending.
  5. Everything happens for a reason. Another fact I have always been aware of, but now that I am more of an adult and experiencing MUCH more, being put into situations where this fact applies- it is much harder to accept.
  6. I am SO lucky for all of the opportunities I have had and continue to have!
  7. Communication AND space are the two most important things you can have in a relationship.
  8. Pizza hates me and I love it– Seriously if I eat too much pizza, I will have the worst stomach trouble of my life!
  9. “Variety is the spice of life” A quote from my Grandmother
  10. Getting out and having fun is not bad or wrong! For so long, I associated going out places with trouble, but having a night out with your friends is good and healthy for you!
  11. 5 classes at a time is not always the best idea.
  12. Health is NOT a joke and should not be taken for granted.
  13. Rude people are actually unhappy with themselves. As a young girl, I always thought this was only partially true, but as I get older and work with the public, this is clearly the truth.
  14. Buying a home is SO stressful…and expensive
  15. Gas (for my car) is something that I REALLY do not like to spend money on (actually the worst).
  16. Owning up to mistakes is something so many people WON”T do ?!
  17. I have spent my whole life building my confidence I, if someone doesn’t respect me , they have to go. This was something I read on Twitter and I realized that it was actually the truth!!
  18. Having my priorities right and staying organised is what it takes to be successful.
  19. This was really hard to write

What’s something you have you learned since becoming an adult?

How I Care For My Long Hair

My hair has grown to be pretty long and at this point, I get my fair share of hair questions. So, today I’m sharing a few tips on how I care for my long hair. The most common questions I get are “How do you get your hair to grow“ and “what products do you use“ Well ladies, I don’t have any miracle products or medication.. What naturally long and healthy hair takes is gentle care and some good products. I’ve always been one to love my hair long, but these tips I will be sharing with you have made all the difference in how healthy my hair is!

Rinse with cold water- Rinsing your hair with cold water helps seal the hair cuticle, making it lay flat and appear more shiny. TIP: If you color your hair, rinsing with cold water helps make the color last longer.

Deep Conditioning- Hair masks/ conditioning treatments help to restore moisture and fix damage on your hair. TIP: After these conditionings give your hair a rest from any heat or damage. This will help the results of the treatment you just did.

Be Gentle especially after just washing. Wet hair is much easier to brake than dry hair. I usually use a wide tooth comb once I get out of the shower and very slowly, comb through my hair.

The scalp rubbin’– Rubbing the scalp for about a minute or two when washing your hair will get the blood flowing to that area, this will in turn stimulate hair growth.

It’s Getting Hot in here-Just kidding, I try to use as little heat as possIbile. On most weekends and any weekdays I can, I avoid my curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer. It isn’t the most fun to go to work or school with a bun, braid or ponytail, but if you want healthy beautiful hair– you have to do it! Heat products are extremely damaging to your hair and using them as little as possible is how you maximize your results!


The Tangles-My hair takes FOREVER to comb through and I am quite picky with the products I use in it. I only use two main products! First, the Leave-in Keratin Treatment, this product provides your hair with so many benefits and the bigger bottle lasts me months! Second, the Garnier Fructice Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum!

Get Dirty- I know I know, sounds gross, but washing your hair as little as possible means less chemicals! Your natural oils nourish the hair, when you wash your hair those oils are stripped away. I try to wash my hair every two to three days.

That’s it! I told ya I don’t have any miracle products or tricks. I just have a very simple, yet effective hair routine.

Do you do any of these things in your hair routine?

How Do You Define Success?


It seems as though we are always under some kind of pressure, almost trying to prove ourselves and that what we are doing is right. Where should we be at this age? Who defines where we need to be? Are we making enough MONEY? Being a young adult can be quite confusing as we are all just trying to figure out who we are.

I am a college student, meaning I am constantly interacting with new people and engage in conversations about what we want out of life. College is the perfect place for those conversations, might I add. We are all there to work on our individual futures. These conversations are always so interesting to me and get me thinking about how many different ways a people can define success. Even though we’re all relatively close in age, so many of us are on completely different pages. Some people are married with children, some are partying and being free, others are taking time to travel the world. It’s quite interesting to see how different people define success and how they accomplish so much.

I was talking with Juan-Andres about 5 things that make me feel the successful (so far) in my young life and why they make me feel so successful. I thought it would be good to share them with you all and that is what I will be doing here.

Loving who you are and what you have This is the most important! If you are not happy with yourself, your life, and what you already have, then wherever you go, there you are. Be grateful.

Living for yourself So many of us live to please others, but the truth is.. you don’t live for them- You live for YOU. Do what you love, what makes you happy (within reason of course) and don’t feel bad about it.

Healthy relationships I believe that surrounding yourself with loving, uplifting people is a big factor to measuring success. Personally, nothing makes me happier than having the love and support from the people that I love and support myself.

Being happy with what you do To me one of the most prominent definitions of success would be to love your work. Work is what you do every day for most of your life, being happy in that work will only make you a happier being!

FINANCIALS I made this last because while financial freedom is a BIG way I measure success, it is not the only way. Nor is it the most important way. In my opinion, one of the greatest feelings is not having to rely on others for financial support. I may still be in college and my family supports me quite a bit, I do support myself the most I can- and it feels great.

So, how do you define success?