April goals

I really enjoy reading goal posts because I find a lot of inspiration and great ideas in them! I also have never been one to make monthly goals like this, I usually do it week by week. I think I really like setting goals for the month as a whole and then looking back to see how far I’ve come! It pushes me to do better! Continue reading

Saving you dollas pt 2!!


I had fun making the first saving you dollas post and I found another affordable item I thought would be super fun to share! This one actually matches the first item I wrote about, which was a speaker, but they come in other colors too!

These headphones are my newest find! The rose gold color are on sale for $20.98 and they work with both android and iphone! These are a great price for bluetooth headphones in my opinion! These jeadphones are actually great for exercising because they are sweat proof AND they have a clip in the back so that they do not fall off of your shirt if one does happen to slip out of you ear! My favorite part of the whole design is that the two ear buds are magnetic, meaning you can wear the headphones around your neck without them flying around OR (I do this a lot) you can hang them on your rear view mirror when driving!

Happy easter!


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic Easter and I hope the Easter bunny brought you all some yummy goodies! My personal favorite candies are the Robbins eggs and warm peeps! Today I decided to go with lots of pink in my outfit since it is a springy day and my Coach purse that I love so much!

I am having a great time with my little Easter bunny babies! I have had three little bunnies for about two weeks now and I love them so much! I was feeding them milk in the very beginning because they were still small, but now I am in the process of weaning them. They are doing very good so far and they are becoming more and more used to me! This makes me so excited because I love that they are comfortable in their new home!

I hope you all have a great day and eat all the yummy candies!


Hello everyone! Today I am doing an empties post! Today I have realized that it actually takes me forever to use up a product, even the ones that I do not use sparingly. I have been collecting some of these bottle for a while now because I knew that I would someday write a post about them. I have never done an empties post on the blog, so I am super excited! I hope you guys enjoy!! Continue reading

My handbag collection

Hey everyone! How are You? Today I thought it would be a great idea to share my handbag collection with You! I always enjoy reading blog posts or watching YouTube videos on other people’s bag collections because I love bags so so much!! I figured it would be fun to share mine with you all! So lets get started!!!

My Handbag Collection

This was my first Coach satchel and was the first upscale handbag that I ever had. This was a birthday gift from my father and I remember that I chose it because it was on sale and I wanted something that would match with everything! I was so excited to get this purse! Honestly, after how many years I’ve had this bag and how many times I have used it, it still looks Great! Coach has some really nice quality!

The red tag I have on here is something that I added later on. Just an FYI, Coach now does engravings! This tag was part of a gift that my honey got me and he had our initials engraved with a heart between them!

This is my Ralph Lauren tote and it is absoolutley gorgeous! I love wearing this as a statement and I love to pair it with anything floral!

Next, we have this Michael Kors cross body. This is one of my most worn purses EVER! The grey color goes so well with so many different outfits and the simplicity of being able to toss this around my neck and have free hands is what makes this such a go to purse for me.

Now this is another gift from my tia!! She visits Mexico pretty much once a year to see her family and she brought me back this hand made leather purse! I think this purse is really beautiful and the colors all go together so well!

Also, look at the detail! I love the intricacy of this purse!! I really love this bag because my grandfather likes to make leather goods. As a little girl he would make me things like hair pins, wallets, key chains and this purse reminds me of him.

This is my second Ralph Lauren purse and I just adore it! This bag is made of snake-skin so, the feel is really nice. Most of the leathers on my purses are stiff, but this is so flexible and is a really nice change!

This is my first Aldo bag! I love this little bag so much!! I had originally seen a white version of this bag and really liked it. I had my eyes on this for months and months and then I  received it as a Christmas present from my pops! This purse receives a lot of attention whenever I wear it out because it is basically a ball of glitter!

This is a little clutch I picked up at a store in the mall called “Chic” and I bought it to match my outfit for a quincé that I attended! I knew I was going to be wearing sparkly gold heels and this store has tons of little bedazzled bags in it. So, I finally had an excuse to look at all of the cute little bags (I tried to stay away from this store because I want everything in it).

This was a graduation gift from my aunt (have you noticed a pattern? She shares a bag addiction with Me!) I love this purse to pieces and the quality of Louis Vuitton is amazing! I also really love the dome shape as it’s something different to my collection.

This is my giant Calvin Klein purse! I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but this purse is literally wider than my body. This can be carried by hand or add the shoulder strap, which I always use. I like this one for when I need to carry a lot of stuff and still look fashionable!

Finally, this is the newest addition to the family! This is the Chain Prairie Satchel from the latest collection at Coach and it’s so gorgeous!! This is a mix of suede and pebble leather. I love how this purse looks so sophisticated while still being edgy, with the chain handles. I bought this baby when I was in Miami a couple of weeks ago and honestly the pictures just don’t do this justice!

6 Things to do this weekend


1. Go to Target with a friend or loved one

Target is such a fun place to be! Going with a friend is pretty much an adventure. Maybe you wanna look at all of the cool new things, maybe you need a new outfit or some shoes for the low!


2. Have a sleepover

Sleepovers are always fun! Invite a cousin, friend, best friend, boyfriend. Have a great time, eat some pizza, paint each other’s nails. Watch a funny movie!


3. Wash your sheets with extra fabric softener
I do this a lot! Sometimes I add some extra softener to make my sheets smell really good. This helps me relax and also just makes me feel really good in my bed!


4. Organize your room/ Closet

Organizing your room can help a lot with staying on top of school work because you know where everything is and it makes your time that much easier! A clean room/ closet can also really help with finding an outfit without feeling like you have nothing to wear!


5. Go to a farmer’s market

I love going to some of the little farmer’s markets around my house and pretty soon strawberry picking will be open. Me and my dad do this every year and we make some great memories doing it! Tr it out with some friends or family!


6. Call a loved one

I usually call my grandpa. He lives kinda far, so I try to call him as often as I can. My gramps is soo funny and I love him dearly. Something that I love about him is that he’s always ready to tell me an awesome story or two.

7 Study Tips To Help You Ace The Class

I’m finishing up my second year in college now and I have gotten pretty good at studying (if I do say so myself). I’ll be sharing some of my favorite study tips with you all in hopes that they will help you!

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead really helps with not procrastinating. So, write it all out!!! For example, if you have 10 assignments due this week, plan to do 2 each day and do the hardest assignments first. That way if you end up needing help, you have time to ask your instructor or go to tutoring.

2. Leave Lazy room for yourself

Sometimes when we have so much to do it becomes overwhelming. So, if we follow the first step with planning everything out, we can have days off in between. Personally, I leave the weekends open for myself!!

3. Tutoring

Many colleges offer free tutoring because it is included in your tuition!! Many public schools offer free tutoring as well! I know this may seem like a simple tip, but this helps me tremendously!! I seriously passed stats because of tutoring. Try it out if you are struggling.

4. Make flash cards

This may not be everyone’s learning style, but give it a shot and see if it helps you. I have aced many exams (including math) due to my flash cards!

5. DO NOT overwork yourself

If you procrastinate and leave too much of your work for one or two nights, you will be over worked! Then you will be burnt out for the next couple of days, which will then lead to doing the same thing. Break the cycle and pace yourself.

6. Snack and water breaks

I love when I give myself snack breaks because it is something to look forward to when studying. Drink lots of water gives me more bathroom breaks. I know that when I have a load of work in front of me and I allow myself to take a break, eat, drink, use the bathroom, I am less cranky and I can work for a longer period of time

7. Organize your space

 Organization is key to success (my opinion). I have all of my pens in one cup, pencils in another cup, chargers in and E.L.F makeup box and my textbooks in a stack under my bed. This is what works best for me in my space, you can do what I do or create your own system! Knowing where everything is when you go to do your school work makes life much easier.

Saving you dollas!!

This is a quick post to share with you guys this awesome speaker I got for $11.99 off of Amazon! This is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker and it works wonderfully. If you have prime, then great because this item is prime eligible!! I was a bit worried because I have never heard of this brand, but the speaker doesn’t take up much space and is perfect for my needs. This doesn’t blare the roof off, but is perfect for listening to some music in your room! You can find the speaker here.

Valentine’s Day- What Love Means To Me


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

I have never been one to love Valentine’s day, just because I have never really been with anyone or really celebrated the day in any way- catch my rhyme?

However, I do love love. I believe love is the strongest emotion a human can feel. Love is love and it is truly breath taking. I have never been one to be on the look out for love or dying to be in a relationship, but now that I have met someone that I truly am in love with, I understand the emotion/ feeling more than ever.
To me, love is fighting for another person. Love is kindness, anger, every kind of feeling that you could ever fathom all in one. Love is wanting to be happy and fighting for that happiness even when your eyes are twitching and you want to scream your head off. Love is intense passion. But most of all, love is something that can’t be defined. Love is all of the things I just mentioned and more.

Don’t ever give up on love because love is real, true and amazing. Love comes when it is meant to. Be free and happy and tell all of your loved ones how much you love them.