19 Things I have learned Since Becoming An Adult

Lately I have seen so many posts on some number of things a person has learned since becoming an adult and they got me inspired to do my own! Basically I turned 19 in May, I have been an adult for over a year now! Now, lets get to reflecting…

19 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming An Adult

  1. Having money saved is SO important and needs to be started ASAP. I have always been aware of this fact, but the older you get the more it becomes an essential. Just a few months ago the air in my car broke AND I LIVE IN ONE OF THE HOTTEST, MUGGIEST PLACES IN THE U.S ( AKA Florida)! Having money saved for situations like that saves SO much stress
  2. Friends really do come and go. As a college student, I have about 16 weeks in a class before I am in a new one, filled with different people. This means I may meet people I enjoy, study with them, and never see them again after we takes our exams.
  3. No one is a super human. I am very much a perfectionist (hate to admit that) and I really push myself in all aspects of my life. Usually pushing myself is great, but it puts me in a state of disarray, anger and sadness when I fail or cannot handle as much as I’d like to.
  4. Grad school is a great idea. I have always pondered the thought of grad school, but never really made the decision as it seemed so far away. Now I am heavily considering attending.
  5. Everything happens for a reason. Another fact I have always been aware of, but now that I am more of an adult and experiencing MUCH more, being put into situations where this fact applies- it is much harder to accept.
  6. I am SO lucky for all of the opportunities I have had and continue to have!
  7. Communication AND space are the two most important things you can have in a relationship.
  8. Pizza hates me and I love it– Seriously if I eat too much pizza, I will have the worst stomach trouble of my life!
  9. “Variety is the spice of life” A quote from my Grandmother
  10. Getting out and having fun is not bad or wrong! For so long, I associated going out places with trouble, but having a night out with your friends is good and healthy for you!
  11. 5 classes at a time is not always the best idea.
  12. Health is NOT a joke and should not be taken for granted.
  13. Rude people are actually unhappy with themselves. As a young girl, I always thought this was only partially true, but as I get older and work with the public, this is clearly the truth.
  14. Buying a home is SO stressful…and expensive
  15. Gas (for my car) is something that I REALLY do not like to spend money on (actually the worst).
  16. Owning up to mistakes is something so many people WON”T do ?!
  17. I have spent my whole life building my confidence I, if someone doesn’t respect me , they have to go. This was something I read on Twitter and I realized that it was actually the truth!!
  18. Having my priorities right and staying organised is what it takes to be successful.
  19. This was really hard to write

What’s something you have you learned since becoming an adult?