6 Things to do this weekend


1. Go to Target with a friend or loved one

Target is such a fun place to be! Going with a friend is pretty much an adventure. Maybe you wanna look at all of the cool new things, maybe you need a new outfit or some shoes for the low!


2. Have a sleepover

Sleepovers are always fun! Invite a cousin, friend, best friend, boyfriend. Have a great time, eat some pizza, paint each other’s nails. Watch a funny movie!


3. Wash your sheets with extra fabric softener
I do this a lot! Sometimes I add some extra softener to make my sheets smell really good. This helps me relax and also just makes me feel really good in my bed!


4. Organize your room/ Closet

Organizing your room can help a lot with staying on top of school work because you know where everything is and it makes your time that much easier! A clean room/ closet can also really help with finding an outfit without feeling like you have nothing to wear!


5. Go to a farmer’s market

I love going to some of the little farmer’s markets around my house and pretty soon strawberry picking will be open. Me and my dad do this every year and we make some great memories doing it! Tr it out with some friends or family!


6. Call a loved one

I usually call my grandpa. He lives kinda far, so I try to call him as often as I can. My gramps is soo funny and I love him dearly. Something that I love about him is that he’s always ready to tell me an awesome story or two.


Highlight Tips: How to have dewy looking skin

Today is a good day to come at ya with a quick post about a few highlight tips that I use in my makeup routine. A lot of the woman in my personal life aren’t that into makeup, but I want to share my tips! I want to talk about beauty with someone. So, I hope some of you find this little post helpful or fun to read if nothing else.

A good set spray

I love a good set spray or two, especially if my skin is feeling a bit dry! This can help lock in your makeup so that it doesn’t wear off. Some setting sprays are made to help with the dewy look. I use NYX Dewy setting spray as an affordable everyday spray. I also use Mac Fix+ because it provides amazing results and makes my makeup look like skin.

Serum mixed with foundation/ BB cream

This is a trick I use often! I use a few drops of my serum all over my face and I pat it in with my fingers. Then I apply my face makeup. Having serum mixed with foundation/ BB Cream helps add a “glowy from within” look.

A great highlight

There are so many you can try! Also, I feel like highlight is such a personal thing depending on a person’s skin color.

I have combination skin and I believe these things will work best for combo or dry skin. If you have skin that is more on the oily side, skip out on the extra serum and go for a more matte setting spray. This will still intensify the highlight without adding too much actual wet to the face. I hope you guys liked this post and I hope I gave you a few useful pointers!