How I Care For My Long Hair

My hair has grown to be pretty long and at this point, I get my fair share of hair questions. So, today I’m sharing a few tips on how I care for my long hair. The most common questions I get are “How do you get your hair to grow“ and “what products do you use“ Well ladies, I don’t have any miracle products or medication.. What naturally long and healthy hair takes is gentle care and some good products. I’ve always been one to love my hair long, but these tips I will be sharing with you have made all the difference in how healthy my hair is!

Rinse with cold water- Rinsing your hair with cold water helps seal the hair cuticle, making it lay flat and appear more shiny. TIP: If you color your hair, rinsing with cold water helps make the color last longer.

Deep Conditioning- Hair masks/ conditioning treatments help to restore moisture and fix damage on your hair. TIP: After these conditionings give your hair a rest from any heat or damage. This will help the results of the treatment you just did.

Be Gentle especially after just washing. Wet hair is much easier to brake than dry hair. I usually use a wide tooth comb once I get out of the shower and very slowly, comb through my hair.

The scalp rubbin’– Rubbing the scalp for about a minute or two when washing your hair will get the blood flowing to that area, this will in turn stimulate hair growth.

It’s Getting Hot in here-Just kidding, I try to use as little heat as possIbile. On most weekends and any weekdays I can, I avoid my curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer. It isn’t the most fun to go to work or school with a bun, braid or ponytail, but if you want healthy beautiful hair– you have to do it! Heat products are extremely damaging to your hair and using them as little as possible is how you maximize your results!


The Tangles-My hair takes FOREVER to comb through and I am quite picky with the products I use in it. I only use two main products! First, the Leave-in Keratin Treatment, this product provides your hair with so many benefits and the bigger bottle lasts me months! Second, the Garnier Fructice Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum!

Get Dirty- I know I know, sounds gross, but washing your hair as little as possible means less chemicals! Your natural oils nourish the hair, when you wash your hair those oils are stripped away. I try to wash my hair every two to three days.

That’s it! I told ya I don’t have any miracle products or tricks. I just have a very simple, yet effective hair routine.

Do you do any of these things in your hair routine?